Fundraising 101

  • You should divide fundraising different stages and have an ultimate goal
    • The planning Stage :
      • Your planning should always be written to lessen the risk of confusion.
      • You should always consult you Ideas with your group the more points of view you can get the more you can better results because you understand how your fundraiser will be received.
    • The preparation stage:
      • The preparation stage is a long and laborious process that involves: Choosing the right dates, advertising your fundraiser, preparing yourself for the fundraiser and having a target amount of money.
      • First is choosing the right dates you want days where there are the most people in the area where you that you have chosen to do your fundraiser. For example my service learning bpears and I chose to have our bake sale during Middle school basketball waisal where even foreigners could spend money on the bake sale. We also chose to do it during Middle school and high school lunches to maximize the amount of time we had to sell therefore increasing the amount of people that we could reach.  
      • Then, there’s a advertising your fundraiser. You can make posters that no one will look at you can send emails that not one will look at or you could make a general public announcement then slowly remind people of that the date for your fundraiser is soon. This keeps them alert and saving up money to donate to your cause.
      • Having a target amount of money is crucial to a good fundraiser because if people know there is a goal they will be more likely to donate more so you can achieve you goal for your noble cause. Especially if they can see your progress people are suckers for things like countdowns and progress bars because see them progress is so satisfying,
    • The execution stage :
      • Alright so it’s that day where you are supposed to do the fundraising in whatever form it might be from talent show to bakesale. The morning of that day you might want to make sure every has done their part. Now you must remember that not all will go as planned and being as adjustable As possible is key to being a successful fundraiser. So it’s the tie for you to begin you fundraiser you want to be as kind and as open-minded with the people you meet. You must remember that all of those people are potential donors being rude could your potential revenue. Execute your fundraiser the way it was planned to be do not worry too much and as flexible as possible. You want your donors to feel attached to you cause convince them that they can do more than finance your cause the more inclusive you fundraiser is the more successful you will be in general.

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Twitter expert Reflection blog post

For my twitter expert connect I chose to do physics. To gain my information on physics I followed  because it’s the twitter official journal of physics that I found quite interesting because it publishes articles about new and interesting physics theories. Next, I followed @WIREDScience, Because although a verified account with a substantial amount of followers I really like their fun little do it at home experiments and the retweets about other interesting things about physics which really widened my source of information. Then I chose @AboutPhysics because the owner of this account is an author who published books about physics that books about physics so it seemed as if he would be very helpful. I also chose to follow @Physicsnews and @PhysicsWorld because they both retweet things about physics or lead me to more sources on the topic of physics. I chose   and  because they also had sort of that fun and educational vibe to them, for example, this one tweet from   where they show that a vertical motion is not affected by a horizontal. They showed by retweeting a post of a guy that did a front flip when was the vertical motion then while flipping was pushed across a gap the man did not go diagonally he just went from the left side of the gap to the right side. Since his trajectory did not change it meant the horizontal motion was not affected by the vertical motion.  was great for information like this too, I interacted with them so well that I even got a follow back. Finally, there are the three accounts:  each of these accounts was are great to learn about physics because 2/3 educate students in an actual classroom setting or the account has more visual examples of the laws of physics in action which is much better for me personally.  None of these people in any way relate to my Genius hour project this is just something I to wanted learn. The information I wanted to get from them is where could I find more information on Physics. I asked my questions by complimenting them first so that they would be more inclined to listen to my favor.

Sadly, I got no responses from any of the twitter accounts I tweeted. However, the people at   did follow me back because they saw that I retweeted a lot f their posts. Other than that I had no other interaction with the of the members on my list. This experience has taught me a lot about online interactions and how I can use social media to do research.

SBC Week 8 Activity 3: Write a post about the commenting

There are many things I like about commenting one of those things is the ability to be able to express your opinion. It’s also fun getting feedback that will better my blog posts.  Sometimes it’s annoying when I have to spend time actually reading super long comments I like thing short and sweet. I always find interesting posts to comment on ms.W’s blog or in the Student Blog Challenge Magazine. My posts, however, are not being viewed as much I would like. This is because I just get lazy when it comes to writing my blog posts.

Genius Hour Reflection

For my Genius Hour project, I researched heart of cinematography. I chose cinematography because I really enjoy filmmaking. My research question for this genius hour project was how do you make a video/ the art of cinematography?


I learned various different things such as camera angles, shot types composition and camera transitions. I learned what use each type of shot or angle would do if I added them to the scene. For example, moment Jojo is crying because he can’t find his phone that would be a Close – up shot of Jojo’s face to capture his emotions. Also, shot composition is where your subject lies in the frame placement is very important if your subject is out of frame then you’ve just ruined an entire scene. The truth of the matter is if Jojo is not actually in the frame and that’s what your audience is supposed to be looking at then, your audience will be confused and you want to not understand the story they wouldn’t watch the movie at all. Each camera angle could be used to express something different about the scene which adds to the originality of the movie.

This overall project helps me grow as a film student because of it really enhanced my learning when I go into my future film classes. Without this project, I may have never been able to further my knowledge on this topic. If it was not for a grade I would not have done any sort of research but, when there is a grade I really had to dig deeper which really does benefit me.


What I learned helped my community at Isd because now whenever anyone takes a video they will remember the tips I gave in my presentation to them. My next genius hour project is going to build on this hopefully I will actually get to make meaningful videos that will educate the world about any other topic I’m interested in.

My presentation:

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SBC Week #5 : What Will I be When I leave school

What do I want to be when I grow up this is a question I often find myself answering. Especially when it is my parents or teachers at school. To which I respond I don’t know. I have a passion for many things. Although my choices for sports are sort of limited things like Piloting, finances, and economics have always interested me.

Don’t get me wrong I know tons of different jobs I would like to do but, It all just depends on how far my academics will take me. I want to focus on living in the moment now so that I don’t miss out on any opportunities in the present day. At my age, I am being offered opportunities that some people only dream of like being apart of an IB league school.

Smart goals

I set a couple of goals for my self this year  Play all sports, join one afterschool activity and make the honor roll. Ninth grade is the beginning of my high school experience and I want to start it off with a bang. I guess what I’m trying to say is in my future anything is possible as long as I am happy doing it.

Images :



SBC Week 4 : My Strange Addiction?

I wouldn’t call my love for food an addiction because I am not obese nor I am I fat. However, over my years spent on this earth, I have spent some time accumulating knowledge about the culinary arts. Now without further a due let’s begin a list of favorite foods.

  1. Burgers: Now I’m not talking about any type of burger I’m talking about the mac and cheeseburger. I like it because it has three of my favorite things; bread, meat and mac, and cheese. I like my meat well done, my mac and cheese nice and soft. The burger will always be number one.
  2. Any type of spaghetti: Preferably: gnocchi or ravioli with shrimp. I love pasta because I just enjoy cheese so much. There’s also something about the texture of pasta that is so great. However, never, ever have a taste of pasta dough it tastes disgusting. Plus your tummy won’t feel too good after.
  3. Ceaser Salad: I like this salad for one reason I feel like a king eating.

[SBC3.6] The picture of my desk

[SBC3.4] The Pirates story

Pirates Love Gold.

SBC Week #3.3 Landscape Story


This is the lake of sun and moon where the goddess of the Moon and the God of the sun meet every four years on February, 29. That is why there are only 28 days in February because they spend so much time together on that day, that they don’t even have enough power to go on for the 2 days left in the month. However, it was not always like this sit down as I tell you their tale of sorrow. The sun used to love the sky and the sky used to love the sun for 367 days ( because February had 30 days) the sun never stopped loving the sky. During the night the sun was asleep and the night and the sky would talk for hours until the morning arose and the night went to sleep. The sun never met the night and the night never met the sun.  One day during the summer the sun had burned so hard he went to sleep early little did he, he would meet the moon once he woke up.  This caused the first eclipse and for the sun and the moon, it was love at first sight. A few more months pass and the sun and the moon were in love but the sky was jealous so here’s what the sky did…  continue the story if you want to and I’ll choose the best ending by next week.

SBC Week #2 Visiting Blogs

Hey Caleb,  I really enjoyed reading your blog’s about me page it was very well written and I can tell you put some thought into it. You really outdid yourself and  I look forward to reading your future blog posts. Check my Check out my comment:

Hey, Ty I really enjoyed how relatable your blog post is if you keep writing like that I guarantee you a successful career of blogging. Here’s my comment: 

Hey, Kyla, I love baking as well although I’m not very maybe you can give me tips and tricks in future blog posts. Here’s my comment.

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