This is the lake of sun and moon where the goddess of the Moon and the God of the sun meet every four years on February, 29. That is why there are only 28 days in February because they spend so much time together on that day, that they don’t even have enough power to go on for the 2 days left in the month. However, it was not always like this sit down as I tell you their tale of sorrow. The sun used to love the sky and the sky used to love the sun for 367 days ( because February had 30 days) the sun never stopped loving the sky. During the night the sun was asleep and the night and the sky would talk for hours until the morning arose and the night went to sleep. The sun never met the night and the night never met the sun.  One day during the summer the sun had burned so hard he went to sleep early little did he, he would meet the moon once he woke up.  This caused the first eclipse and for the sun and the moon, it was love at first sight. A few more months pass and the sun and the moon were in love but the sky was jealous so here’s what the sky did…  continue the story if you want to and I’ll choose the best ending by next week.